• Donna,

    First I want to say that I am very impressed with your professionalism. I have worked with a number of realtors over the years, but you are the best so far. You have read me correctly, I have no interest in getting into a bidding war. I agree I would prefer to just let the offer proceed and see what happens. Again thank you for your excellence. If the offer does not go through, I am very interested in this home.

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  • From Zillow: -Highly likely to recommend

    Showed home in 2011 in Hilo, HI 96720.

    · Local knowledge:

    · Process expertise:

    · Responsiveness:

    · Negotiation skills:

    Summary:She has been in the business for over twenty years and is a wealth of knowledge.

    Donna tempted us, especially my wife, with a house not remotely on the market. Over a month later during a cross country ski on the winter solstice's full lunar eclipse, Donna called us with news that the house is for sale. We made an offer, Donna helped line up nearly streamlined financing and my wife is a happy Polynesian again.

    Who knows, maybe her husband Chris will take me tuna fishing someday.

    Mahalo Donna and much Aloha!!!!

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  • A Real life Story from Pete:

    Was fast asleep by 10 pm last night in my Hale Moana condo, but vaguely grew conscious of the sirens - then the condo land-line phone rang, which really woke me up. It was Donna, my land-lady, with the news of a big quake in Japan, local tsunami warning, & evacuation order. She offered me a place to spend the night. Waves not expected until about 3 am, so had plenty of time to pack pretty much everything. Had to leave new bicycle, & food, of course. Was out of the place & on the road by 11, joining a long cue of vehicles heading toward downtown Hilo on Kalanianole, which runs right alongside the bay. It was a strange feeling, roused from slumber, on the road with a throng of others, a refugee from an oncoming potential disaster.

    At Donna's place, which is safely ma'uka (inland/up-slope), above Hilo at about 500 ft or so elevation, I met fellow vacationers Thelma & Larry of Eugene, Oregon, who were also staying in one of Donna's rentals, & who had also been offered refuge by her. Donna & husband Chris (a native Hawaiian, by the way, who

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