Suggestions for a Smooth Transition to Paradise

1.    Make a special house hunting trip well in advance of your final move.  You will have a much easier time if you do.

2.    Everything is charmingly different here!  Don’t expect Hawaii homes to resemble the homes on the Mainland US or elsewhere.

3.    If you are considering renting first, know that rentals are in short supply very difficult with pets.   If you do have  pets, be sure to check on our quarantine requirements.

4.    Plan on using a Hawaii-based mortgage lender and get pre-qualified before starting to look at homes.

5.    Choose your desired neighborhoods, and then select between condos, town homes, and single family homes based on your price range.

6.    Over 95% of Hawaii homes come with all major appliances including refrigerators, washers & dryers etc.

7.    If you will be buying a home in the million dollar plus range, skip items 7, 8, & 9.  Otherwise, read them carefully!

8.    Decide carefully what furniture and personal items to bring.  Bring less rather than more since our homes tend to be smaller.  It is less expensive to buy a home for your family than for your furniture.

9.    Consider carefully before bringing your dining room set.  Most homes have a small dining area, not a separate dining room.

10.  Your master bedroom may be much smaller than you are used to.  Large bedroom sets will be difficult to accommodate.

11.  Hawaii has a very wide range of new and used cars to choose from.  Many late-model vehicles are sold when short-term residents leave the islands.  You can browse through ads at

12.   DO NOT pack your important financial papers with your household goods.  Bring them with you otherwise you may find it impossible to obtain a mortgage while your documentation is tied up for a month or more.



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